Levin Iglut

Unique northern luxury

In the glass-ceilinged Levi Igloos or the subterranean Northern Lights House, you are surrounded by stunning fell scenery, and you can be part of the great glory of nature all year round.

The constantly changing landscape spreads unobstructed before your eyes. The open skies, adorned with clouds, stars and magical northern lights, are your roof.

Experience the Arctic nature in a unique and luxurious way, only 10 kilometres from the bustling holiday resort of Levi. Envelop yourself in the perfect peace of the untamed wilderness, while still having access to local services.

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Under the deep blue sky

Our glass-ceilinged igloos allow you to be at one with nature.

Feel in your every cell the perfect union of heaven and earth. Sleep peacefully under the deep blue sky, in the embrace of the Lapp landscape. At the same time, enjoy all the carefree comforts and services of a high-class holiday home.

For more details of the igloos, please refer to our brochure.

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Making bookings is easy using our online booking system.

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Northern Lights House
An unforgettable experience

Partly built into the ground, the Northern Lights Luxury House is a fantastic haven of indulgence. It is one man's dream vision come true: a truly personal and stunning holiday villa whose large windows create a stage for the amazing performances of northern nature.

The Northern Lights House cannot be explained in words: it must be experienced.

For more details, please refer to the brochure.

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Making bookings is easy using our online booking system.

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A unique setting
for special occasions

The Northern Lights Luxury House provides an inimitable and luxurious setting within a unique landscape for diverse celebrations and events.

Whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, a christening or a customer event, your guests will forget all their worries here. There are moments at which only the people, the nature and the surroundings exist. The peaceful Lappish landscape provides an unforgettable setting for any occasion.

We will take care of your needs to the last detail. The long table in the Northern Lights House can seat ten people, and the igloos can also be booked for group work.

For more details of the necessary arrangements for organising events, please refer to the brochure.

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Contact and bookings

Lapland's tranquillity and joys are just a telephone call or email away. We look forward to welcoming you!

Contact us at:
Tel. +358 44 056 6334
Facebook: Golden Crown - Levi Igloos

Visiting address:

Harjatie 4, 99310 Levi, Lapland, Finland
Tel. +358 44 056 6334

PLEASE SEND ALL POST to Levi Igloos / Golden Crown to the following address:

Kylänpääntie 6, FI-04310 Tuusula, Finland


The Golden Crown Levi Igloos are located at an altitude of 340 metres around the slopes of Utsuvaara, 10 kilometres from the resort town of Levi.


Levi Igloos - Centre of Levi: 9.3 km
Levi Igloos - Kittilä Airport: 17 km
Levi Igloos - Kolari Railway Station: 88 km
Levi Igloos – Rovaniemi: 170 km

Levi can be reached all year round by air or by a combination of train and bus. In the winter season, more than one airline flies to Levi (e.g., Finnair and Blue1).

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