The terms and conditions below apply for bookings made by an individual, private person and travel agency, unless a special agreement has been made. Separate rules apply for group reservations for 5 igloos or more. The hotel reserves the right to apply special terms and conditions that differ from these in case of public holidays, special events, seasonality or additional services requiring so. 



When booking an igloo your name, address, telephone number, arrival- and departure time and method of payment are required. A room booking is binding once it has been confirmed verbally or in writing and you have received a booking confirmation number. The hotel is entitled to apply different kinds of rules such as booking fee or credit card guarantee to secure the booking.


Online bookings must be paid in full by credit card. The customer is responsible for printing out the receipt, target description and booking terms. Once you have completed the payment, make sure, you return to the confirmation page of your booking. If you do not return to this confirmation page, it is possible that the booking will not be completed. Levin Iglut-Golden Crown is not responsible for a failed booking. If you don`t get the booking confirmation and the receipt to the email address, which you have informed, you must contact Levin Iglut-Golden Crown as soon as possible. 


Levin Iglut-Golden Crown accept the most common credit/debit cards. The hotel is not obliged to accept foreign currency, vouchers, checks or credit/debit cards unless the hotel has volunteered to do so.

In case the booking has not been paid in advance it should be settled upon arrival at the hotel by cash or credit card. When booking accommodation, the hotel is entitled to approve and charge international credit cards.  A booking fee may be charged from the credit card as a prepayment. This will be deducted from the final invoice. If the hotel has not made an approval for prepayment from your credit card, the hotel is entitled to require a deposit for additional services.

When making a booking through the sales office, the customer gets an invoice. The invoice will due 30 days before the commence of the stay, (60 days before the commence of the stay for bookings during the 12.12.22-7.1.23), (non-refundable).

If the booking is made less than 30 days before the commence of the stay (less than 60 days before the commence of the stay for bookings during the 12.12.22-7.1.23), the final invoice will due three (3) days after the booking has been made (non-refundable). Levin iglut- Golden Crown is not responsible for any currency discrepancy.


Payments with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard: If you want to pay with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard card, acts Levin Iglut-Golden Crown only as the marketer of services and products and delivers the products to buyers. Paytrail Oy is responsible for reclamations. Paytrail Oyj acts as the seller in Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard payments and the deal is made between the customer and Paytrail Oyj. The seller is responsible for all deal related obligations. Paytrail Oyj is also the payment recipient.

Paytrail Oyj
Business-ID: FI2122839-7
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Telephone: +358 207 181830

Net banks:
Paytrail Oyj (FI2122839) provides net bank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For consumer, the service works the same way as traditional web payments.

If we receive your cancellation notification more than 30 days before the start of your stay (more than 60 days before the start of your stay for bookings during the 12.12.22-7.1.23), we will refund the amount paid. If we receive your notification less than 30 days prior to your arrival (less than 60 days prior to your arrival for bookings during the 12.12.22-7.1.23), the total amount will be charged.





A cancellation becomes valid immediately when Levin Iglut-Golden Crown receives the information about the cancellation in writing. Should you want to change your booking, the new arrangements will constitute an entirely new booking.

Leaving the invoice unpaid is not regarded as being a valid cancellation.

Levin iglut- Golden Crown is not responsible for any currency discrepancy.

It is highly recommended for the customer to have a valid travel insurance in case of sudden need to cancel the booking.



Levin Iglut – Golden Crown reserves the rights to cancel the booking in case of Force Majeure or other reasons out of Levin Iglut-Golden Crowns’ control, such as e.g. fire and/or water damages in the booked accommodation. In this case, we will notify you of the cancellation immediately and refund the total amount paid. Also, if customer does not pay his booking fees or other fees at an agreed date, Levin Iglut- Golden Crowns’ has the right to cancel the booking.


Your accommodation will be at your disposal from 16.00 on your arrival day till 11.00 on your departure day.

For security reasons, only the staff and a person registered at the reception may use the facilities in the igloos. Visitors are not allowed in the igloos, please use the lobby bar or the restaurant for socializing and meetings.

In case you lose the key, the personnel have the right to charge you the cost of a replacement key. (Even locks of the door will be charged in case of special serried key). The personnel have the right to charge you € 50 – in case you forget the key inside the apartment, and he/she needs to drive specifically to the igloos to let you in.


At Levin Iglut – Golden Crown, we follow good habits and order rules. We reserve the right to break the contract and stop providing services to guests, if they are in violation of the house rules or if they disturb other visitors with their behavior. However, you must pay for the cost of your accommodation and the additional services that you have subscribed to and you cannot claim a refund already paid


The customer must pay all damages of the apartment or its property happening during the stay. Smoking is strictly forbidden in our igloos, the Northern Lights House or in the restaurant! In case of smoking in the accommodation, Levin Iglut- Colden Crown will charge a cleaning fee of minimum € 500.


Only guests, registered at the reception, are allowed, to use the accommodation. Pets are not allowed in the accommodation.


All complaints and appeals concerning the condition of the accommodation must be presented immediately when such becomes apparent during the stay. If the faults are not taken care of during the stay, a written appeal must be done to Levin Iglut-Golden Crown within a week after the stay. If the customer and Levin iglut-Golden Crown cannot find an agreement in the dispute, the customer can contact the consumers’ complaint board of Finland and the disputes will be settled in the District Court of Lapland. The contract is governed by The Finnish law.

Levin Iglut-Golden Crown is not responsible for possible harm or expenses caused by the forces of nature, pandemics, epidemics or diseases in Finland or the travel destination of the guest, travel restrictions between countries due to e.g. pandemics, insects, voles or unexpected weather changes causing frozen or snowy windows, construction works in neighbor building sites, or problems caused by a third party like water-, electricity-, or TV network interruption.


LUISU OY / Levin Iglut- Golden Crown
email: [email protected]
Phone +358 50 3135637 /+358 46 9217418

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