To save your time, we have collected here some frequently asked questions and answers about Levin Iglut – Golden Crown and Levi.

How can I get to Levin Iglut – Golden Crown?

Our igloos are situated in the resort Levi in Finnish Lapland, which has good travelling connections.

The closest airport is Kittilä airport (KTT), only 15 min away from the Levin Iglut – Golden Crown.

You can also fly to Rovaniemi (RVN), 170km from Levi, or other airports in the north and take a bus, taxi or car from there to Levi.

There is also a railway station in Rovaniemi and Kolari , 90km from Levi, from where you can continue with bus, taxi or car to Levi.

You can also book a transfer on beforehand through us from the airport, Levi centre or the destination you’re travelling from.

For more information regarding how to get to Levi from Visit Levi website.

When is the best time to travel to Levi?

The best time for travelling to Levi depends on what you would like to experience when you get here.

All the seasons have contrasts between them and come with different weather and light conditions, a variety of activities and natural phenomena.

When is the Levin Iglut – Golden Crown open?

Levin Iglut – Golden Crown is open from September to April. The sales office is however open also during the summer.

Should I book my igloo in advance?

It is highly recommended to book the igloo on beforehand, because the Levin Iglut – Golden Crown is very popular.

Is breakfast included in my igloo stay?

The price of the stay includes a high-quality and varied breakfast, which is mainly served in Restaurant Utsu.

Where can I have lunch and dinner during my stay in the igloos?

Restaurant Utsu offers flavours from the Scandinavian kitchen with local seasonal products and products from the Arctic area. You can book your accommodation with half board, which includes dinner at Restaurant Utsu, or alternatively enjoy something from our a la carte menu for dinner. Lunch is served during the winter season. More detailed service hours can be found on the Restaurant Utsu’s website.

Is there WiFi and mobile phone connection in the area?

There is good mobile coverage in the area and we offer a free WiFi connection in the igloos and the restaurant. 

When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights can be seen in Levi from mid-August until early April on clear, cloudless nights away from city lights.

For information on the phenomenon, please see our Northern lights page and visit Finnish meteorological Institute’s site on auroras.

Can I drink the water?

Yes you can. The tap water is as fresh and pure as the arctic nature around you.

Where can I see reindeer?

You can see reindeer on reindeer sleigh rides or farm tours. Reindeer are also seen free in the nature especially in the autumn time.

When can snow-based activities be enjoyed in Levi?

From early December to mid-April depending on the weather conditions. Although the first snow often falls in October, the permanent snow cover is usually in place by December, allowing winter activities to take place. In April, the sun is already warm enough to begin softening and melting the snow.

What kinds of activities and excursions does Levi offer in winter?

Among the most popular are reindeer sleigh rides, husky tours, snowmobile safaris, Northern Lights tours, as well as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing trips. For more information and bookings please contact our sales office [email protected] .

What kinds of activities and excursions does Levi offer in autumn?

From the end of August until the end of November various activities are offered in Levi. You have the opportunity to enjoy the nature whilst canoeing, trekking or horse riding under the illuminated sky. You can enjoy different Northern Lights tours, the adventure park, a river cruise, mountain-biking, a wild cooking workshop or to learn how to photograph under the guiding of a photographer.

October is a more quiet month between the winter and summer seasons, but is often a great time to enjoy the silence and nature by hiking during daytime and viewing the Northern Lights in the night.

For more information and bookings please contact our sales office [email protected]

Do tours, safaris and other activities have to be booked in advance?

We highly recommend that you book the activities in advance to make sure you can enjoy the activities that you are interested in. Certain activities are very popular in Levi and during busy periods – the most popular safaris, such as husky tours, tend to be fully booked. To guarantee a place, you should book in advance.

How can I experience sauna in Levi?

There are several companies offering sauna experiences in Levi. If you are staying in our Northern Lights House, you can experience the sauna and an outdoor jacuzzi there. Our igloo guests can book the sauna and jacuzzi for a couple of hours on the spot, if Northern Lights House happens to be available that day. Please check at the reception upon your arrival.

What kind of clothing will I need in winter in Levi?

The best way to prepare for the cold frost is to dress in warm layers: warm undergarments (long-sleeved and long-legged thermals), warm garments under your coat (e.g. wool or fleece) and external garments made of close-woven fabrics.

As for footwear, bring socks, woollen socks and lined, thick-soled shoes. Your shoes should be big enough to leave room for wiggling your toes. Wear woollen or other warm headgear that protects your ears, cheeks and neck. For your hands, you will need over-gloves and under-gloves or mittens (cotton, wool, fleece, quilted fabric).

Can we hire winter clothing?

You can hire winter clothing including snowmobile overalls and footwear from several activity companies in Levi. 

What are the shops’ opening hours?

Please find information regarding opening hours from Visit Levi website.

Where can I buy souvenirs and local handicrafts?

You can by souvenirs and local handicrafts in our reception lounge and in the shops in the centre of Levi.