Nature is our heart and soul, it is our home. We get to live and fulfill our dreams in the midst of its endless beauty. Taking care of the environment is one of our most important goals, in addition to the well-being and safety of our guests and staff. We take responsibility issues seriously and are constantly improving the way we operate. Our hope is to preserve and cherish the purity and diversity of nature – so that all are able to enjoy its wonders.


Ecological heating

We use ecological heating solutions. Our igloos and other facilities are heated with green electricity, geothermal heating, and air-to-air heat pumps.


Reducing the use of plastic

We do not use bottled spring water, because Finnish tap water has been scientifically proven to be among the purest in the world. Not to mention that it tastes great. We do not sell plastic bottles and serve all drinks from glasses or glass bottles.


Recycled materials

We favor recycled materials whenever we can. For example, the clothes of all our restaurant staff are made from recycled materials.


Ecological detergents and saving energy

When cleaning the igloos and our other facilities, we use ecological detergents that do less harm to the environment. We encourage our customers to conserve the environment and to use the same towel more than once during their visit. This way we save a significant amount of energy each year.


Reducing light pollution

We try to reduce light pollution from artificial lights. Light pollution affects the ecosystem and among other things, it disrupts the ability of birds to navigate by moonlight and starlight, and the ability of nocturnal animals to hide from predators. We utilize as much natural light as we can, and only keep the lights on when they are needed. At night we turn our lights off. We encourage our customers to do the same – this way marveling the northern sky also becomes easier.


Green Key award

We build a sustainable future by doing environmental actions every day. In recognition of this, we have been awarded the prestigious Green Key certificate. Read more here.


Sourcing of products and ingredients

We support Finnish entrepreneurs and companies. In our souvenir shop, we sell Finnish design and handicrafts. In our restaurant, we prefer local ingredients and products. In addition, the mushrooms and berries we serve at our restaurant are picked by our own restaurant staff.



At all times, the safety of our guests and staff is of utmost importance to us. We have updated our safety procedures because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We are listening closely for new instructions from the Finnish Government and are determined to take action accordingly.


Well-being of employees

The well-being of our staff is very important to us. We want our employees to be happy and motivated. We organize training programs, make sure our employees have proper healthcare, and offer chances to exercise.


Download our responsibility programme here.


Any questions?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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