Levin Iglut – Golden Crown is open throughout the aurora borealis season from the end of August to beginning of April. During that period, the nights are dark enough for watching the Northern Lights, and the midnight sun does not disturb sleep in the glass igloo. Even though midwinter is the most popular time for travelling to Lapland, Levi provides lots of activities throughout the aurora borealis season.

Infographic of the seasons
Active holidays in Levi Fell.

Autumn season

Our autumn season is from the end of August to November. Between August and October, snow has not yet fallen, and the light phenomena of the sky are very distinct on bright nights. Autumn is the best time for photographing the aurora borealis. The Levi igloos provide a direct view to the northern sky for the delight of watchers and photographers alike.

The igloo hotel offers a number of activities during the Northern Light season.

In September, the autumn also colours trees and brushes, so there will be a lot of imposing things to photograph during daytime as well. The beautiful days of the early autumn can be spent nicely cycling, golfing, hiking, horse riding or paddling, for example. The first snow often falls in October–November, and enduring snow is usually on the ground after mid-November. Hiking, horse riding and cycling are possible throughout winter, as long as you are equipped properly. We will be happy to help you to book experiences supplementing your holiday; the centre of Levi has a lot to offer.

Igloo hotel is a great place for photographers.

Winter season

The winter season begins at the beginning of December, when there is enough snow for various winter activities, such as snowmobiling and husky and reindeer safaris. There is only a few hours of daylight, but the snow multiplies the amount of light. On bright nights, you can often see the Northern Lights, and the temperature can be very low in December–February.

Glass igloo hotel offers a lot of winter activities.

Late winter lasts from the beginning of March to the end of April, with the nights still being dark but the daylight time increasing all the time. The harshest colds have eased up. On sunny days, the conditions for snowshoe hiking, skiing and downhill skiing are ideal.

Active holidays in Levi Fell throughout the Northern Lights season.

During the winter season, we provide our guests with snowshoe hikes, kicksled safaris, reindeer farm visits and reindeer safaris by order. The diverse services of the centre of Levi are also at your disposal. We will be happy to help our guests in booking programme.

Lasi-iglut ovat oiva paikka upeiden maisemien ihailuun.

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Northern lights

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