When it is the time to celebrate an important turning point or love, Restaurant Utsu is at your service. The magical Northern Lights House is an atmospheric place for a celebration or private event. The building has been a venue for weddings, birthday parties and small customer events. Kota, traditional Sami dwelling, is well suited as part of the party programme, and those staying with us can reserve it for their own use.

We will be happy to take care of all of the arrangements of your event from catering in our premises to programme, naturally exactly as you wish.

Please contact our sales for organising an event:


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Weddings and other private events at Levin Iglut Golden Crown.

Restaurant Utsu

During the winter season, the restaurant is filled with the igloo guests at dinnertime, but the premises in their entirety can be booked for events during the day. The upstairs has seating for up to 36 guests, with additional seating for 36 downstairs. If a festive lunch or early dinner is served in Restaurant Utsu, the event can continue in Northern Lights House, which has capacity for 20 people. During the more quiet autumn season, Restaurant Utsu can also be booked for events in the evenings.

Private occasions in Levi Fell.

Northern Lights House

Northern Lights House is perfect for small, yet unforgettable events. The table next to the landscape window seats 10 guests for a toast. If meal is served in our restaurant, Northern Lights House has capacity for a group of 20 people. The curved atmospheric ceiling is a special feature of the living room, with stars and Northern Lights realised through lighting never obscured by clouds. The house is also equipped with an audio system.

Exotic party programme or a fun evening in Kota

Our Kota can be rented as a special programme number in conjunction with a party or dinner event in Northern Lights House or Restaurant Utsu. And if you spend the night in igloos or Northern Lights House with a bigger group, Kota provides an atmospheric setting for private evening entertainment. Restaurant Utsu takes care of serving food and drinks. Private dinner for two in Kota is available when booked 7 days in advance with price of 495€/2 persons (drinks are not included). We will be happy to help you in organising programme suitable for Kota’s atmosphere.