We are inspired by the Arctic nature and the cleanest air in Europe that we get to breathe here. We collect some of our ingredients ourselves from the forests in the immediate vicinity: mushrooms, berries, lichen... there are also rivers and lakes rich with fish nearby as well as the Norwegian fjords and mountains with everything they offer.

The strong seasonal variations of the north from the midnight sun to the polar night make the flavours intensive and have effects on the availability of ingredients. They inspire using seasonal ingredients and cooking methods that preserve the natural flavours. Our menu lives with the season and changes throughout the season.

For a full experience, our portion sizes are designed to enjoy several courses. We also hope you reserve enough time for enjoying your evening with us.

Season Menu

3 courses €49

4 courses €62

6 courses €79

A la Carte

2nd of September 2019 –



Vendace, smoked sour cream and vendace roe 14€

Pork cheek terrine, saltad goose berrys and fennel 13€

Yellow roots with sea buckthorn berry and false morels 13€

Cep soup, foie gras and juicy cellery 16€


Main courses

Reindeer, fermented parsnip and lingonberry 34€

Zander, lappish potato pure spiced with caraway and oyster beurre blanc 28€

Fried pumpkin, forrest mushrooms and kohlrabi 26€



Cranberry, Almond cake and liquorice 12€

Caramel chocolate, cloudberry and yoghurt 13€

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